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Saturday, 16 May 2020

How to change name in UAN?: By only 1 Best step

One of the commonly asked questions that ''How to change name in UAN portal?''

EPFO now has introduced a new option to change the name in UAN of EPFO members in the UAN Portal.

This is a great function ever produced by EPF organization due to these option employee 

can save his time.

There is only criteria that name should match with the name on your Aadhar card.

How to Change Name in UAN?

How to change name in UAN?

Please follow the below step one by one to change the name in UAN:

  • Go to UAN Portal 
  • Login with User ID and Password
How to change name in UAN?
  • After Login, click on Manage tab
  • Click on ''MODIFY BASIC DETAIL''
How to change name in UAN?

  • Enter the name you want to change In UAN
  • Click on ''Update''
Once you click on Update, a massage would be displayed as 'Pending approval by Employer'

After update the you (employee) can contact your employer for asking them to approve your changes.

When the Employer approved, it would display the message of approval by the employer.

After these, the EPFO office has to approve the changes. These may take 30 days or more, to approve the changes.

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In this article, we try to explain How to change names in the UAN portal? by using your UAN Portal we explained each term that involve here. If you had any issues find here please let us know.

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