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Thursday, 21 May 2020

How to check RC Book status? : 2 Best way to find out

There are two best way to resolve your question, that how to check RC Book status? through online and offline methods.

We will discuss each and every step to you for your better understanding, so let us start the article.

The Ministry, provides the search application status about Registration Certificate (RC) and also provides the service to know the driving license (DL) status.

How to check RC Book status

How to check RC book status through online method?

In these online methods you can check your RC Book status by using three different types of methods.

Step 1:

How to check RC Book status

  • Click on the Icon RC status
How to check RC Book status

  • Enter the Vehicle number
  • Enter Captcha
  • Click on search vehicle

Step 2:

How to check RC Book status

  • Enter Registration Number
  • Enter verification code
  • Click on Check status

Step 3:

  • Go to Parivahan Site
  • Choose the option between Application No. and Registration No.
How to check RC Book status

  • Choose any one option as per your convenience
  • Enter the detail
  • Click on Show

(Note: The content on this portal is meant for sharing information regarding a vehicle on the basis of centralized Vahan and vehicle National Register. Using the content of this portal for any commercial purpose or any derivative work or misuse of any kind is strictly prohibited and may invite legal consequences.)

How to check RC Book Status through the offline method?

The Ministry has developed search systems accessible through SMS service for the betterment of common citizens at free of cost.

To get details using SMS :

To check RC Book Status:

Type VAHAN<Registration No.>  Send SMS to 7738299899

The portal reply you with the details

To check DL status:

Type SRDL<Driving License No.>  Send SMS to 8790499899

NIC has attempted to include all data from all the states, there may be some omission and in such case citizens can contact concerned RTO for conclusive verification.


Through the above online and offline method you can resolve the question about how to check RC book status? and we also provide the information to check your DL status through both online and offline methods.

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