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Saturday, 23 May 2020

How to get airtel 4g settings via SMS?: 2 Best method

With the help of APN, the internet user can easily access to the fast internet services by using the simple APN setting in their smartphones. This article is going to discuss two tricks about'' How to get Airtel 4G settings via SMS?''

How to get airtel 4g settings via sms?

Before starting our main topic we will like to give you some basic details about the APN services and how you can use the APN?

Basic details about APN:

An Access Point Name is the name of the away between your mobile network type and computer network, frequently the public internet. A Mobile is a device which makes a data connection must be configured with an APN setting to present to the carrier.

Access Point Name is work as a connection to the gateway between your smart device cellular network and public internet.

Use of APN:

An APN has the network settings that your phone needs to connect to your internet service provider, the smart device (phone) carrier uses to set up a secure connection to the gateway between the carriers network and the internet. 

There are two best and easy way to add an Airtel 4G APN setting to your smartphone by just following steps:

How to get Airtel 4G settings via SMS?

Firstly if you are the brand new Airtel network subscriber and you have the internet enable device then, when you just insert your Airtel 4G sim to your smart devices and if you are network activation process has been done then you will directly receive the Airtel 4G setting on your smartphone.

We commonly know these settings as APN (Access Point Name) settings. In 4G LTE the APN is an identifier that lives in LTE core network, otherwise known as Evolved Packet Core (EPC). APN comes to play inside the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) it's a node of the core network.

The APN setting also gives the boost to your internet speed by just troubleshooting as reset the APN setting or reset as default while you having any network or internet speed problems.

Follow the below steps to fix the Airtel network 2G/3G/4G internet GPRS settings problem on your Airtel mobile connection.

How to get airtel 4g settings via sms?
Source: Internet
Smartphones support three types of network GSM, CDMA, and LTE, or VoLTE. When the smart device tries to connect with the GSM network, it uses the GPRS to transfer data from the network. GPRS service is slower than the CDMA and the CDMA is slower than LTE, or VoLTE service.

How to get Airtel 4G settings via SMS?

The Airtel network subscriber needs to send an SMS  through your Airtel number to Airtel service, then within the few seconds or minute you will receive the Airtel internet setting massage you just simply need to configure or install in your smart device.

Type ''MO" and send it to 54321

Then you will receive the message in return that contains the internet setting or APN setting you just need to simply install the setting in your smart device.

There is another way to receive the Airtel 4G setting via Airtel official web site on your smart device/smartphone. Please save these settings as a default setting to start your internet suffering on your devices.

How to get Airtel 4G setting through a Manual Configure?

By using the Manual configure setting in Airtel 4G network connection you can browse the internet with high speed by just following some inputs in your device APN setting.

Follow the steps for Manual Configure Airtel 4G APN setting to boost your internet speed:
  • Go to Setting option
How to get airtel 4g settings via sms?
  • Search for Mobile Networks (Switch it off while your network is on roaming)
How to get airtel 4g settings via sms?

  • Open APN (Access Point Name) option
How to get airtel 4g settings via sms?

Now Modified Configure Setting on APN as below:

Airtel 2G/3G/4G
APN(Access Point Name)
no change
no change
APN Type
APN Protocol
APN Roaming Protocol

After applying these settings save it and then click on your Airplane Mode and off, now you can use your internet you can also experience your net speed slightly boost up, if you still having trouble you can simply reset the setting to default APN setting.


In this article, we tried to provide information about the APN setting and the answer for How to get Airtel 4G setting via SMS? and through a Manual way to configure the APN setting.

By using these manual settings you can boost up the internet speed through the above method, there is one lag has found in the above APN setting it does not work on some devices.

If you have any issue while using the Manual configure APN setting or having a problem to receive the APN setting through SMS or internet option please contact us on email or through your comments.

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