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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

How to get IMPS transaction details?: 3 Best technique

National Payment Cooperation of India has earlier introduced the IMPS fund transfer services for the ease of doing business and easy way to transfer money instantly.
How to get IMPS transaction details?

But sometimes the account holder is not able to find out the way to get the IMPS transaction details so the answer for there question 'How to get IMPS transaction details?.

By using the hassle-free and secure mobile internet banking option, now it is possible to transfer the fund from one bank to another bank by using the IMPS (Immediate Payment Service).

Immediate Payment Service is one of the secure way to transfer a fund throughout the internet service this option is available for those bank account holder who has availed mobile internet banking services. The bank account holder can send the money to any beneficiary account holder by just using their bank account details like account number and IFSC code, we'll discuss all the fund transfer terms in this article one by one.

Now the Bank account holder has access over their bank account for making transactions, payments, paying bills instantly with this IMPS service. By using the IMPS services you can successfully transfer the funds within 30 min.

There are different procedure for the different bank to get IMPS transaction details we are going to see a few of them:

How to get IMPS transaction details?

Every bank which provides the IMPS service for mobile internet banking always maintains the records of the transaction for transparency between the bank and their customer.

To track down the transaction details, the bank account holder can use there internet banking option on this online e-banking platform they will find out various online banking services. One of them is e-statement by using these services the account holder gets all the details about there transactions and funding history.

In case the IMPS transaction is not completed for any reasons and you get a notification from the bank that the amount has been debited from your account that time the transaction detail will help you to track down the issue or if you mistakenly send a fund to any unknowns account holder that time the bank use the transaction detail for further help.

How to get IMPS transaction details by using Internet Banking?

IMPS provides many internet banking options this is an instant interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile or computer.
How to get IMPS transaction details

Follow the steps to IMPS transaction details:
  • Go to your bank online banking website
  • Log in by using the Username and Password
  • Search for Services or My Account
  • Look for statement/e-statement
  • Click on it 
  • If there is an option then choose the dates which transaction details you want

How to get IMPS transaction details by using Mobile Banking Application?

In India, now there are many banks who provide the mobile internet banking application to there bank account holder with user friendly and easy to use interface.

To use this service the customer needs some requirements like the bank account link with customer Aadhar card, mobile number and PAN card etc.

Go to Apps store(Google Play Store)
Search for your Bank mobile application
Get registered your bank with an application by using the mobile number.

Now the customer can use the mobile banking application, by using this application customer can track there transaction on their mobile application 

How to get IMPS transaction details through email?

Now the Indian Banks will provide the statement on the email address which is provided by the customer to the bank by proper verification methods.

How to get IMPS transaction details?

It's a simple method to register an email id on the internet banking platform, follow the methods to add your email ID.
  • Go to Internet banking 
  • Click on My Account/My details
  • Search Personal details/Contact details
  • Edit your mail ID and submit it 
Only if the bank asking the customer to verify the email ID then they sent you the mail so just click and verify your email address.
By using these three techniques the customer can find out the IMPS transaction details on their convenient option.

IMPS Fund transfer system:

  • Using Mobile Number & MMID: In this option, the sender and the receiver have to register for mobile banking and get a unique ID which MMID(Mobile Money Identifier). It offers 24x7 interbank electronic fund transfer service capable of processing person to person and person to account through mobile, internet, and ATMs. The MMID is 7 digit code, each MMID is linked to a mobile number and different MMID can be linked to the same mobile number.
  • Using Account number & IFSC code: As we see in MMID person to person funds transfer requires the Remitter customer to make funds transfer using Beneficiary Mobile number and MMID. Remitter shall not be able to sed money to the Beneficiary who is not registered to any bank account. In this situation, the Remitter can send the funds to the Beneficiary by using Beneficiaries account number and IFSC code.
  •  Using Aadhar card: In ABRS, a remitter can initiate an IMPS transaction using the beneficiary's AADHAAR number, which acts as a financial address & which will be linked to the beneficiary's account number. ABRS facilitates simplifying the IMPS payment initiation process as in this service the customer will have to input only AADHAAR number of the beneficiary for initiating an IMPS transaction. Another important utility of this service will be in disbursal of subsidy payment i.e. Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)/ Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) by the Government. ABRS will act as a catalyst in expanding financial Inclusion reach.

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So today we try to explain the three-technique to understand the procedure ''How to get IMPS transaction details?'' with some perk for better understanding we also try to explain how the fund transfer system works in different options. If you guys really having any issue please let us know. 

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