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Sunday, 31 May 2020

How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: 5 best ideas

After the google search engine, Youtube is the second biggest search engine platform. YouTube is the best platform that provides entertainment and knowledge gaining content to its user for free. In youtube, the user can create their channel and post there personal or personally made content that's why they can generate passive income from YouTube.
How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: 5 best ideas
Today we are going to discuss about 5 best ways for ''How to make money on YouTube in Hindi?. In this article, we try to explain the tricks in detail by using these tricks you can simply create your content.

Nowadays, YouTube and blogging are two best ways to earn money but without proper knowledge, you don't get success easily.

How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: 5 best ideas

In India currently, there are more than 265 million users of Youtube across the country.
In this article How to make money on YouTube in Hindi? we are going to tell you the user use Youtube as a source of there entertainment or knowledge hub. There are millions of Hindi content is available on Youtube and still increasing many youtube channels open every day and many shatter every day.

If only if you believe in your content and the way to promote your content you can find out yourself as a Youtuber. 

We are going to explain each topic step by step:

Before starting our main topic fulfill the requirements that you need,
  • Gmail account
  • Sing Up on YouTube
  • Create a YouTube Channel
  • Post your Content

1) How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: Affiliate Marketing (Product descriptions)

In India, there are around 70 to 60 millions users watched Product reviews or online shopping, gadget they first search on youtube for the specification of the products and the review by the YouTuber by this method the YouTuber earn two-way earing one through the mainstream youtube and another way through the affiliate marketing.

Whichever product they promoting or giving a specification about the products, they always mention the purchasing affiliate link of the product in the description box, when the user clicks on that link and purchase the product the youtube earn money as a commission to selling the products. By using this way you can earn passive money.

In this article, How to make money on YouTube in Hindi? the all the information we provide is base on search articles and proper research.

Follow the tricks for affiliate marketing:
  1. Create an affiliate marketing partnership programmer with Amazone or Flipkart.
  2. Use Ubersuggest or Ahref platform for youtube keyword researching
  3. For beginners always use low volume and low competition keywords for making your Youtube Content.
  4. Always use your own youtube thumbnail images that also mention your keywords.
  5. Gives meaningful tags related to your youtube keyword content.
  6. Try to promote your videos o social media.
By using these tricks which we mention in this article, How to make money on YouTube in Hindi? you can grab a loyal viewer for your youtube channels. Before applying for Adsense you must create your viewer base. (After six months apply for Adsense for good results.)

2) How to make money on Youtube in Hindi: Gaming 

Yes, gaming is the fastly growing content in India without any copyrights issues, if you had a good game playing skills then you can easily rank up your youtube gaming content on youtube and earn a passive income by just playing games.

There are around 2.5 to 3 million youtube users like to watch live gaming and best gameplay or the content which is related to the games.

Follow the tricks for Gaming content:
  1. PUBG is one of the world's most played games and the craze of PUBG in India is fastly increasing by playing pubg, and by making it as your content you can get success easily.
  2. If you don't like to play the game you can make, the game installing tutorials for those who don't know how to install any game on android, iPhone, PC, etc.
  3. Also by giving the reviews about the top 10 strategy games, action game, PS4 game.
  4. Affiliate marketing for a gaming console, game CD, gaming instruments, and many more you can earn passive money.

3) How to make money on Youtube in Hindi: Travel

If you like traveling around India or the world you can become as the travel vlog creator. India is the place of wonders here many tourists came to visits the nature, culture, and monuments from the country and foreign land also.
How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: 5 best ideas
Around 5 to 6 million users on youtube search for the traveling places in India or how to travel to a foreign country. You can choose the place as per your convenience, things you needed for travel Youtuber.

Tricks for Travel content:
  1. You have gone a need a camera with a minimum HD recording option with battery backup.
  2. Always mention the uniqueness and the beauty of that place.
  3. Also, mention the good service provider and local stores information for the viewer 

4) How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: Auto & Vehicle

Every middle-class Indian has a wish to buy a car, bike, or any vehicle and there are around 5.50 to 6 million user searches on youtube for auto and vehicle.

That doesn't need any kind of skill, every day there are many vehicles that are newly launched throughout the world. You just need to copy the descriptions and explain it in your voice with some extra mirch masala.

5) How to make money on Youtube in Hindi: Health & fitness

How to make money on YouTube in Hindi: 5 best ideas
Now a days the whole world going to be health cautious because of the changing environment and due to new climatic situations. Every person now knows the value of good health and fitness.

The whole world knows the benefits of Yoga and their exercises, in the future yoga will become a part of life because of there benefits towards humanity and good health.

If you are a yoga master then you can teach the youtube viewer how yoga can change their lifestyle and give meaning to your health.

Also, there is a huge craze you can see towards the six-pack abs and biceps and many more while working at Gym, as a gym instructor you can teach the youtube viewer the tricks and tips for bodybuilding.


In this article, we try to give a simple and easy for How to make money on YouTube in Hindi?. By choosing one this topic you can start your journey as the YouTuber and also make passive income by applying the tricks by just giving tutorials to your viewers.

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