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Tuesday, 7 July 2020

4 Best way for How to download songs from Gaana on PC?

How to download songs from Gaana on PC?

We have grown almost fourfold [in terms of paid subscribers] within the last one year,” CEO Prashan Agarwal told the Business Standard, in an interview within which he also predicted that Gaana will have 225 million monthly active users by the tip of its fiscal 2021. He also offered a prediction for the music streaming market in India.

Each and each concert-goer is conversant in the Gaana music platform, there are many peoples who likes the music quality that Gaana provides. Gaana provides the multilanguage songs and also introduced some songs as Gaana Original.

Those who can't afford there subscription plan they have to grasp that the way how to download songs from Gaana on PC?. during this article, we are visiting share some tricks that may facilitate your to know the procedure to download songs from Gaana on PC or smartphone.

Many people prefer to hear songs free on the Gaana platform but they contain the ads that may ruin the user's mood if you wish to get rid of the ads or download the songs you wish to get the subscription plan for it.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC?: Top 4 Software for PC

There are many software that helps you to download the songs from the Gaana platform to your devices but we are visiting tell you the highest among them.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC online with online converter:

Online Converter site allows us to convert audio, video, image, e-book, and archive to different formats like AAC, mp3, etc. in a simple way.

To convert audio file you'll simply enter the songs URL from your the music platform for better understanding follows the steps:
  1. Go to the Online Converter site then trying to find ''Audio converter''
  2. Choose the convert to mp3option click on the ''Go'' button
  3. Upload the file or enter URL of the file that you simply want to convert into mp3
  4. Go to Optional Setting to alter the audio bit rate, sample rate as you would like
  5. Now click on ''Convert File'' start to download the song from the Gaana
  6. A box will ''POP UP'' and you'll be able to download the Gaana Song.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC with Leawo Music Recorder on Windows:

By using the Leawo Music Recorder you'll be able to download the content not only from the Gaana music platform but also from the assorted platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Dailymotion, and plenty of more.

Leawo Music Recorder provides many features by using them you'll be able to trim and merge the audio file. The Software is supplied with an auto-filter choice to removes the ads within the download songs and music editor to manually music tags like title, year, and album name, etc.

The Leawo Music Recorder software supports over 300 formats like WMA, mp3, AAC, etc. Follow the steps to download the song from the Gaana.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC

The Leawo Music Recorder software supports more than 300 formats like WMA, mp3, AAC, etc. Follow the steps to download the song from the Gaana.
  1. Go to Leawo Music Recorder
  2. Download the software and install it.
  3. Set an audio source: 'Click on microphone icon' then choose 'Record Computer Audio' to download the Gaana songs.
  4. Set output format: move to format> output format on the identical panel to settle on mp3 or WAV you'll also set the bit rate & sample rate.
  5. Set output Directory: visit ''General'' to line target output directory by clicking folder icons to browse computer memory.
  6. Start to form Gaan.com download the songs: Click the recoding button then play Gaana song that you just want to download click it again to prevent the recording.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC with QuickTime Player for MAC book:

QuickTime Player is powerful software to play a large range of files including photos, movies, images, etc. and permit users to record, cut, and merge audio. Generally speaking, QuickTime Player is installed on our computer on Mac at the very beginning, so you don’t have to download and install the software again.

Besides, QuickTime Player enjoys an intuitive and straightforward interface so you'll be able to easily make any operation in a straightforward and fast way. Now let’s head to a way to make Gaana download songs.

Follow the steps:

  1. Launch QuickTime Player on Mac and click on File option
  2. Now select the New recording from the dropdown menu
  3. Click the inverted triangle to confine the correct to line the audio source and sound quality. Since we want to download songs from Gaana, choose "Built-in Input: Line In" here. you'll be able to choose sound quality, too.
  4. Now press the red button within the middle to begin to create Gaana.com free download songs on Mac so play Gaana song.
  5. Click the button again to prevent recording.
  6. Go to File > Export to save lots of the recording to the destination folder and choose MP3 because of the output format.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC with Internet Download Manager (IDM):

Many of you conversant in the web Download Manager which is often called the IDM software. This software is very useful not only for downloading songs but also for several other purposes like download the films, video, every kind of format files.

This software is that the fastest content downloader present on the web, the software could be a user-friendly interface and simple to use by using this software you'll also download videos from YouTube and Dailymotion platform.

Simply move to the positioning of Internet Download Manager and download the software from there site and install it.

How to download songs from Gaana on PC?

Firstly you would like to download IDM on your computer, and so install and launch it on your PC. Log in gaana.com to play the song that you simply want to download from Gaana. At now, IDM will automatically crop up and ask if you'll start to download or download later the songs you play.

Also, you're allowed to stick the song URL to its "Add URL" button to download the song from Gaana manually. But before this step, you get several complicated steps to form settings for. For the detailed downloading audio settings on IDM, you'll discuss with IDM use support.

IDM is just compatible with the Microsoft Windows system. and a few users find it sometimes takes priority over some streaming site functions. Some users complain it's very complicated to use, and after several times' trial to download songs from Gaana, then always fail to download only web links, not MP3 music. This program offers you 30 days' free trial with limited function to allow you to download MP3, AAC, RA, MPA, WMA, etc., an audio file.

Go to Gaana.com play your song that you just wish to download now the web Download Manager window open there similarly, just simply click thereon, and also the download option will present there. Click to Download button that's it.


1) How can I download songs from gaana com to my PC?

In this article, we mention 4 best ways to download the songs from gaana.com, my personal recommendation is that the Internet download manager option because it very simple to use and its interface is user-friendly.

2) How can I download songs from gaana?

In this article, we explain each and each term to download the song from gaana.com on your PC but if you wish to download the songs from your android device please follow the steps:

1) attend your SD card and enable the show hidden files/show system files option in settings.

2) look for gaana within the search option, almost every file manager provides a research option. If not, attend SD Card/Android/Data/

3) you may encounter a com.gaana folder. Traverse through com.gaana/files/.gaana/

4) you may now see an inventory of your downloaded songs but they're going to be numerically named.

5) Select all of them and replica them to your required location.

6) You now need to rename the file extensions to .mp3 ( Previously there'll be no extension ). you'll be able to do this one by one from your phone, or transfer them to your PC, rename the extensions faster, so transfer them back to your phone.
Note: you wish not to rename the file names, just the extensions, as your music player will detect the song metadata (song names and artist names ) automatically.

7) Refresh the songs list on whatever music player you favor and you may now see all of your downloaded songs on its list.

3) How can I convert gaana to mp3?

Online Converter site allows us to convert audio, video, image, e-book, and archive to different formats like AAC, mp3, etc. in a straightforward way.

To convert audio files you'll simply enter the songs URL from your the music platform for better understanding follows the steps which we mentioned above.

Step 1: Start the Gaana Android app and Download Songs you wanted to download.
Step 2: Open ES File Explorer and “Turn on” show hidden files feature of the File Explorer.
Step 3: Find the “Gaana” Folder inside “Android > Data” in Internal Storage or secondary storage (if exists)
Step 4: Copy/Move the “Unknown Files” to a different location.
Step 5: Convert the “Unknown File Format” to MP3

4) How can I listen offline songs in gaana?

Gaana.com allows you to stream songs at no cost. If you wish to download and hear songs in an offline mode, you'll require a Gaana+ subscription.

5) How do I transfer songs from gaana to iTunes?

1. Are you eager to play these songs on your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad? Then there's a Gaana app on App Store and you'll directly use the Gaana app to download the songs. Of course, you would like to be a Gaana+ subscriber to legally download them.

2. Are you needing to play these songs from your PC (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook)? Simply visit Gaana's home page, logon, and stream those songs. this will be done whether or not you have got a free account, but there'll be ads. I'm undecided about why Gaana doesn't support download on a PC, but this is often how you utilize it on a PC.


this text. we try and explain the 4 best way that enables the answer for a way to download songs from Gaana on PC? and that we also attempt to explain some FAQs for your better understanding.

If you guys still having any trouble please contact us we try and explain to you.

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